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What is Body Function

BFP is a fully equipped strength and conditioning facility specifically aim to
enhance fitness, athletic performance, and to promote healthy functional living!

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BFP Elite Hoops Strength  Conditioning Program

Designed to take your ability to produce on the court to another level.  Our top
notch strength and conditioning training program is tailor made specifically for
serious ball players.  Training sessions correlate with basketball season and are
structured for training during whatever part of the season players are in.

There are 4 Phases in Basketball Strength & Conditioning

(Early pre-season/Late Preseason/In season/off season)

If you plan on being
successful on the court, you must be training hard off the court.  Progress takes
place in the off season, but training takes place year-round.
If you want to get ahead of the class and outwork your peers, then come claim
your spot and build an elite body.


Body Transformation Training Groups

This program offers everyone the opportunity to get personalized training and
nutrition assistance in a group setting.  You will have the support of your fitness
coaches and fellow transformation teammates. Each 12 weeks is designed and

broken down into new phases that gradually and progressively move you toward
your newly transformed Body.

Included: Nutritional Guidance & Nutritional Resources

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